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Let me tell you about the ocean. It has 5 zones, and most of the life lives in the first 600 feet of the ocean. Thats zone 1, most of these organisms can kill you, but don’t even get me STARTED on what goes on with the freaky glowy creatures down in the lower zones. Literally, theres a zone called the Abyssopelagic Zone for THE ABYSS. And even further down theres one called the Hadelpelagic Zone for HELL. Theres some freaky stuff down there! And even if we take out all the creatures, the ocean itself is hardcore, it is like Natural Disaster 101! Even without anything, theres waves that can be up to buildings! And then tsunamis and hurricanes! Then down in that Hell Zone I was talking about, the pressure is so hard STEEL might not be enough! So the ocean may be pretty from the top, but remember that every time you go to the beach you are looking at the most insane thing ever.